ICTC 2024
2024 5th Information Communication Technologies Conference (ICTC 2024) was successfully held in Nanjing, China during May 10-12, 2024. It's co-sponsored by Nanjing University, Southeast University, IEEE; hosted by Southeast University; technically supported by Jiangsu Information Technology Application Society. Patrons are SIR Forum, University of Leeds, Jiangsu BigData-Blockchain and Smart Information Special Committee.
2024年第五届信息通信技术会议(ICTC 2024)2024年5月10日至12日在中国南京成功举办。

ICTC 2024 invited Keynote Speakers: Prof. Kin K. Leung (Tananka Chair Professor of Imperial College, U.K., Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Member of Academia European, IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow) from Imperial College, UK; Prof. Jiangzhou Wang (International Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering(RAEng), UK Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of IET) from University of Kent, UK; Prof. Xiang-Gen Xia (IEEE Fellow, Chang Jiang Chair Professorship (visiting), China, Charles Black Evans Professor) from University of Delaware, USA; Prof. Guan Gui (IEEE Fellow, IET Fellow AAIA Fellow, IEEE VTS Distinguished Lecturer) from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China; Prof. O. Bonnaud (Guest Professor at Southeast University, China; Executive Director of National Coordination for Higher Education in Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies, GIP-P-CNFM, France) from Emeritus Professor at University of Rennes, France.

Group Photo of ICTC 2024

Welcome Speech: Prof. Zaichen Zhang

Opening Remarks: Prof. Wanyang Dai

Host: Prof. Chuan Zhang

Keynote Speakers of ICTC2024

Prof. Kin K. Leung

Prof. Jiangzhou Wang

Prof. Xiang-Gen Xia

Prof. Guan Gui

Prof. O. Bonnaud

Imperial College, UK University of Kent, UK University of Delaware, USA Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China Emeritus Professor at University of Rennes, France
Speech Title: Optimization by Learning and Federated Learning for Communication Networks Speech Title: mmWave Integrated Communications and Sensing Speech Title: Some Thoughts on 6G Modulation Speech Title: Intelligent Signal Sensing and Recognition Techniques Towards 6G Speech Title: The Strategy of Microelectronics Education to Face the Future Challenges of The New Digital World

Invited Speakers of ICTC2024

Onsite Highlight moments of ICTC2024

Online Sessions of ICTC2024

  Purple Mountain Laboratories Visiting

  Excellent Paper Presentation Winners 优秀报告获奖人信息

Paper ID: ET1032
Paper Title: End-to-End Delay Analysis of K-Repetition Grant-Free Access in Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems
Presenter: Feng Ye, Southeast University, China

Paper ID: : ET1044
Paper Title: Air-Induced Passive Intermodulation Modeling Method Based on CNN-LSTM-FIR Neural Network
Presenter: Huawen Lin, South China University of Technology, China

Paper ID: ET1034
Paper Title: The Shortest Path Algorithm Based on Geometric Symmetry for Low Earth Orbit Satellite Network
Presenter: Benchu Zhang, Southern University of Science and Technology, China

Paper ID: ET1079
Paper Title: Blockchain-Based Task Offloading for Mobile Edge Computing Networks with Server Collaboration
Presenter: Guanglin Zhang, Donghua University, China

Paper ID: ET1020
Paper Title: VAEMax: Open-Set Intrusion Detection based on OpenMax and Variational Autoencoder
Presenter: Zhiyin Qiu, Purple Mountain Laboratories, China

Paper ID: ET1078
Paper Title: Maximum Likelihood Detection Based on Warm-start Quantum Optimization Algorithm
Presenter: Xinlin He, Southeast University, China

Paper ID: ET1080
Paper Title: Study on the Correlation between As-Cast Surface Roughness and Pore Size Using Trained
Presenter: Fangtian Deng, Fraunhofer IGCV, Germany

Paper ID: ET1070
Paper Title: Gemini-the most powerful LLM: Myth or Truth
Presenter: Raisa Islam, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USA

Paper ID: ET1072
Paper Title: Enhancing Brain Tumor Diagnosis: A Comparative Review of Systems With and Without eXplainable AI
Presenter: Janidu Chathumina, Informatics Institute of Technology, Sri Lanka

Paper ID: ET1004
Paper Title: Fairness-Constrained Throughput Optimization for Coexistence of WiFi and Duty-Cycle 5G NR in the Unlicensed Spectrum
Presenter: Yuwei Li, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China