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ICTC covers all major areas in information and communications technology in areas of current interest.


                     Track Chair: Prof. Peter Mueller, Chief Scientist, IBM Qubit Quantum Computer, Switzerland

                      Track Chairs: Prof. Liang Wu, Southeast University, China
                                             Assoc. Prof. Yayu Gao, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
                                             Assoc. Prof. Tianming Ma, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China

                      Track Chair: Prof. Jing Tian, Nanjing University, China
                                           Asst. Prof. Jie Zhang, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China


- Track 1: Quantum Computing and Blockchain, Queuing, and Storage -

Quantum Computing
Blockchain Technology
Data Storage Solutions
Queuing Systems
Security Innovations
Quantum Algorithms
Distributed Ledgers
Data Management

- Track 2: Next Generation Communication and Networking -

Cloud and Fog Computing
Mobile Cloud Computing
Multi-access Edge Computing
Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
Named Data Networking (NDN)
Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Content-Centric Networking
Wireless-Wireline Internetworking
Virtual/Augmented Reality
Quality of Service (QoS)
Network Resilience
Robotics and Drones
Next-Generation Protocols
Self-Organization Networking
Internet Economics
Resource Orchestration
Converged Networks
Network Security
5G Technology
Edge Computing
Internet Growth Modeling
Packet Classification
Open Source Initiatives
IPv6 Implementation

- Track 3: Communication, network and hardware -

Network Interface Virtualization
Network Virtualization Architecture
Green Datacenter
Protocols at Different Layers
Network Management and Services
Optical Components and Devices
Security in Mobile and Wireless Networks
Wireless Technology (WLAN, Mobile WIMAX, 3G, 4G)
Broadband Wireless Access
Rural, Urban, and Community Wireless Networks
Policies for Communication Access
Sensor Networks and Alert Systems
Mobile-Based Computing
Wireless Networks (Ad-hoc, Meshed, etc.)
Wireless Local Loop (WLL)

- Track 4: Fuzzy Logic and Soft-Computing (Special Session) -

Soft Computing Hybrid Systems
Fuzzy Set and Fuzzy Logic Theory
Chaotic Computing
Evolutionary Computing
Fuzzy Data Science
Decision Making with Imperfect Information
Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing (Economics, Engineering, Medicine, Business, etc.)

- Track 5: Data Science and Advanced Analytics -

Advanced Statistical Analytics
Software Techniques and Architectures (Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing)
Domain-Specific Data Analytics
Programming Models and Environments (Big Data)
MapReduce-based Solutions
New Computational Models for Big Data
Data Visualization at Scale
Time Series Forecasting
Game Data Science
Big Data Open Source Platforms
New Programming Models for Big Data
Software Systems for Big Data Computing
Data Management in the Social Web
Big Data as a Service
Big Data Industry Standards
Large-Scale Data Management and Analysis
Big Data and Mobility
Big Data Analytics in Government and Public Sector
Complex Big Data Applications in Various Fields
Data-Intensive Computing and MapReduce

- Track 6: Big Data Engineering -

Text Mining
Semantic-based Data Mining
Machine Learning
Social Web Mining
Data Stream Processing
Data Cleaning
Auditing Big Data
NoSQL Databases
Data Quality
Data Visualization
Business Intelligence
Social Network Analysis
Web-scale Algorithms
Natural Language Processing
Unstructured Data Extraction

- Track 7: High Performance Computing and Machine Learning -

Parallel Computing
Cluster Computing
Peer-to-Peer Architectures
High Performance Networks
Load Balancing
Fault Tolerance
Performance Benchmarking
Learning Algorithms
Artificial Intelligence
GPU, TPU, CPU Learning
Deep Learning
Computer Vision
Autonomous Navigation
Open Source AI
Neural Networks

- Track 8: Cyber Security Issues -

High-Performance Cryptography
Security Data Visualization
Privacy-Preserving Big Data
Secure Software Development
Network Security
Mobile Security
Web Security
Threats and Vulnerabilities
Government Cyber Security
Information Security Compliance
Security Policy
Risk and Compliance
Internet Security

- Track 9: Emerging Trends and Technologies in ICT Application -

Web-based Systems
Green IT
Social Applications
GIS and Remote Sensing
Distributed Computing
Information Systems
Advanced Databases
Cloud Computing
Decision Support
SPI Models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, CaaS, XaaS)
Mobility Semantics
Context-aware Computing
Web Paradigms (Web2 and Web3)
Semantic Web
Augmented Reality
Service-Oriented Architecture

- Track 10: ICT in Business Administration, Governance, Finance and Economy -

ICT for Micro/Small Businesses
Business Process Management
Metadata and Public Standards
Business Models and Economics of Community and Rural Wireless Networks
Internet-Based Distributed Business Models
Location and Context Management
Data Science and Business Intelligence
Scientific Fundamentals of E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce

- Track 11: ICT in Education and Research -

Human-Computer Challenge and Interaction
Public Access to Information and Globalization
Different Approaches to Implementation of ICT in S&T Education
Industry-University Partnership
Knowledge Management in E-Learning
Virtual Classrooms, and Universities
Learning & Content Management Systems
Mobile Learning Applications
Information Technologies in HE Management and Administration

- Track 12: ICT in Medicine and Health Care -

Healthcare Management Systems
Human-Machine Interfaces for Disabled Persons
Mobile Technologies for Healthcare Applications
Support for Clinical Decision-making
Design and Development Methodologies for Healthcare IT
e-Health and Telemedicine

- Track 13: ICT in Fuel and Energy Industry -

Power Systems and Automation
Thermal Power Engineering
Engineering Aspects of Alternative/Renewable Energy
Energy Conservation and Energy Efficient Systems
Technology of Production, Exploration and Operation in Fuel and Energy Industry
Fuzzy Control in Fuel and Energy Industry
Neural Networks in Fuel and Energy Industry
Integrated Control and Diagnostics
Smart Systems in Oil and Gas Technologies